exclusively licensed in the UK by

exclusively licensed in the UK by

The Most Advanced Offline Mazatrol Programming System for Mazak Machines


MazaCAM CAD/CAM & Editor

  • the most advanced offline system for programming Mazatrol machines
  • allows you to program Mazatrol on a PC as soon as it is installed, without the need to learn a new CAD language.
  • speeds programming from CAD files with CAD import
  • compatible with major CNC machine brands, so you can program everything in one place
  • full training and ongoing support available

MazaCAM helps makes parts faster and more efficiently

Sold exclusively in the UK by Phoenix CNC Support

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MazaCAM programs and Converts between all generations of Mazak machines and Mazatrol controls in just one software system

MazaCAM screen


  • Mazak-QT/SQT and Nexus lathes with or without driven tools, including second spindle and lower turret configurations as well as Multiplex, Super Quadrex and Integrex mill turns
  • Convert between Mazatrol historic controls such as Tplus to New SmoothX and FusionMT to Matrix/Smooth - both forwards and backwards compatible
  • 4th and 5th axis indexing for Mazak Variaxis, VTC800SR, and Integrex
  • Axis machining for Mazak VTC and H-milling centres
  • Mazak controllers from T2 / M2 to Matrix-2, Smart, and even the new Mazatrol Smooth controller

Convert, create and edit Mazatrol programs with MazaCAM

Working with 2D Drawings and Solid Models

MazaCAM CAD/CAM enables the user to easily import from CAD files, assign tools, create cuts and generate the Mazatrol program for any Mazak machines - Mills, Lathes, even with live-tolling, multi-tasking machines such as Integrex and e/i/j-series machines.

MazaCAM simplifies and unifies communications for both the older and newer controls by serial communications or network.

MazaCAM helps manage your Mazatrol programs with an easy to use filing system.

"It's made a big difference. We can program on the PC now and that saves a lot of time. We're not tying up the machines, saving about 30% on programming time... we have 14 Mazak lathes, I did 5 million on the lathes last year. 30% of 5 million - that's a lot."

Mark Cooper, ProTech

MazaCAM - One system for all your needs

If your shop has Mazaks, but also uses other machines and controls, such as Fanuc, Fadal and Okuma, MazaCAM can help you to program all your CNCs with one system. MazaCAM can output both Mazatrol, and also G-code.

Bespoke Training and Support

If you are NEW to Mazak Mazatrol and want your team fully trained, Phoenix CNC Support can deliver this for you. We offer programmer, operator and setter training.

Our training includes T2 and M2 through to Fusion 640T/M, MT controls including new Matrix and Smooth X controls, Variaxis and Integrex machines.

We also offer offsite support for all MazaCAM program applications, on Mazak, Fanuc, Fadal and Okuma machines. 

Our training and support will ensure you get the most out of your staff and increase productivity.

If you need additional training on any Mazatrol CNC machines get in touch with Phoenix CNC Support today

Phoenix CNC Support

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"The main reason why we bought MazaCAM was because we have both Mazaks with Mazatrol and other machines with G-Code controls, and we needed one programming platform for all of them. MazaCAM gave us the versatility and efficiency we needed."

Jim Walczak Mgr of Mfg Engineering ITT Standard

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